Muwu User Guide


Styling a Project

Muwu compiles a SASS manifest tree beginning with config/css/index.scss, resulting in a single CSS file for the project.

To customize a project, there are two options:

  1. Modify the existing style sheets in config/css/base
  2. Add additional definitions in config/css/extensions (recommended)

The current paradigm for style sheets, unfortunately, relies on inheritence and extended selector chains, because the markdown-to-HTML rendering gems don’t have a method to add class or data attributes to the elements they create.

A goal of ongoing Muwu development is to add class and data attributes to the child elements within text sections. Until then, the data- attributes of the parent text section are the lowest-level identifiers.

A full tutorial on styling a project is beyond the current scope of this guide, but the following resources may be useful: