Muwu User Guide


Getting Started


Creating a Project

  1. At the command line, navigate to a directory in which you would like to create a new folder for a project. For example:
cd Documents
  1. Type the following:
muwu new
  1. Muwu will ask for a directory name. Only word characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and _) are allowed. Other characters will be removed.

    • If the directory name is available, Muwu will create a new, empty project.
  2. Navigate to the new project directory.

For example:

➤ homebase [~] $ cd documents
➤ homebase [documents] $ muwud new
# Muwu
# New Project

# Project Directory Name
- Word characters `[a-zA-Z0-9_]` only; non-word characters will be removed.
- Directory Name can not be blank.
> Directory Name for project: distant_thunder

# Writing project
- Making directory  `/users/me/documents/distant_thunder`
- Making directory  `/users/me/documents/distant_thunder/config`
- Making directory  `/users/me/documents/distant_thunder/images`
- Making directory  `/users/me/documents/distant_thunder/text`
- Writing tree      `/users/me/documents/distant_thunder/config/css`
- Writing file      `/users/me/documents/distant_thunder/metadata.yml`
- Writing file      `/users/me/documents/distant_thunder/options.yml`
- Writing file      `/users/me/documents/distant_thunder/outline.yml`

# Project written.
➤ 511 homebase [documents] $ cd distant_thunder
➤ 512 homebase [distant_thunder] $ 

Editing Project Metadata

Use a text editor to open the file metadata.yml. You can add any metadata values to this file.

For example:

title: Distant Thunder
subtitle: A Rolling Affair
author: Jove Moon
slug: distant_thunder
editor: Kerry Kyles
publisher: Raincloud Books
copyright: 2013
genre: mystery

When you make a new project, Muwu will automatically add the Directory Name as a value for slug. You may change it afterwards.


Reserved Keywords

The following metadata keys are reserved for Muwu and the final compiled text:

date of this edition

Muwu automatically sets this to the current date upon reading a project.


Muwu automatically sets this in the compiled text.


Muwu automatically sets this in the compiled text so web browsers on mobile devices display the page correctly.

Do not use these as keys in metadata.yml.